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  • Why VoIP?

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    A great way to save money, VoIP drastically reduces your phone and long distance bills. Making Internet phone calls is also an affordable way to call internationally. For more information about VoIP, and to find the right broadband phone plans for you, call now.

  • Do I Need Headphones to Use VoIP?

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    No! USB Internet phones look and operate just like standard telephones, but rather than connecting to the wall, they plug into your computer's USB port. With cordless and speaker USB phones available, VoIP calling has never been more convenient.

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Why Choose a USB Internet Phone

If you are ready for a real solution to your phone service and want to save money at the same time, then it's time to think about getting a USB internet phone. With USB internet phones, you can utilize the trusted technology of the internet to help you stay in touch with friends and family. You can have the real time connection that comes from speaking on the phone, without worrying about the high cost of long distance bills or relying purely on email. With a USB internet phone, you can stay connected to those you love, without breaking your budget.

What is a USB Internet Phone?

Maybe you've heard of USB internet phones or perhaps this is the first time you are learning about the technology. Either way, before you can take advantage of the benefits of internet phone calls, you must first understand how it works. Internet phone calls are made seamlessly from your phone to your internet. Basically, you can talk on your regular phone, using the internet, and cut out the middle man that increases your long distance bill. Most internet phones work with any computer and internet connection. Now, it is entirely possible to keep in touch with your cousin in Europe and your mom all the way across the country, without any extra fees.

Start Making Internet Phone Calls

Do yourself, and those you love, a favor by switching to a USB internet phone. Stay connected to your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world, with the power of the internet. Internet phones are among the latest technology to help you clearly hear the voices of your friends and family from anywhere in the world. Now is the time to make a switch. In just a matter of minutes you could be saying goodbye to your old phone, and your high phone bills, and saying hello to a USB internet phone. Save time and money by taking advantage of the power of the internet. There's never been a better time to start using VoIP technology.

Why Get VoIP?

  • Low Rates on Long Distance
  • Affordable & Clear International Calling
  • Caller ID, Voicemail, and More

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